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About the Association

APAC Association (Associated Photojournalism for Art & Culture) 

APAC is established to advance education, to promote public appreciation of and participation in the visual and performing arts.
It focuses on the art of photojournalism and documentary photography, drama, performance and music, and uses the visual and performing arts as a means to promote good citizenship and good community relations within fractured societies.


The Citizens Wallpaper Project

APAC’s Citizens Wallpaper Project, 2013 – present, is an artistic community project, led by experienced international photojournalists, artists and workshop leaders. It benefits local communities by giving participants, brought together with the assistance of local associations and community groups, skills and techniques in citizens’ journalism and photojournalism using the latest digital technologies. The project engages communities in creating visual representations of their lives, traditions and cultures. It reflects our modern diverse society in a positive and respectful way and promotes dialogue among disconnected or under-represented communities. It has been created and successfully developed as a cross community project throughout Belfast and Northern Ireland.


Divided Cities

APAC’s celebrated international exhibition Divided Cities explores life in four cities that have been divided by segregation or security barriers. It commences in Belfast in 1973 and continues to the present, contrasting the experiences in Berlin at the fall of the wall (1989), Jerusalem (1990-1991) and Nicosia (2015-16). It documents ordinary lives after a rupture of the social fabric and investigates how ordinary people transform their environment in a positive response to exceptional circumstances.


International Media Panel

APAC’s International Media Panel consists of distinguished local and international journalists and photojournalists whose experiences of front-line reporting brings to workshops and seminars personal overviews and clarity in discussing the narrative around conflict causes and conflict resolution.